The Crusades

The Fight to Regain the Holy Lands

Step 1: Watch the attached introduction video.

Step 2: Watch the attached video on Edmodo

Watch the video on Edmodo and answer the attached video questions. The video and questions can be found on Edmodo under Flipped Classroom Assignment. If you are having trouble finding the assignment information, go to your calendar. The Flipped Classroom Assignment can be found on Monday, December 2nd.

Step 3: View the attached pictures

As you view the gallery of pictures, analyze the point of view for each picture

Step 4: Vocabulary Chapters 9 & 10

Review the key vocabulary found in Chapters 9 & 10 of your textbook. Be sure to use the Dietrich flashcard model to define the vocabulary terms.

Step 5: View the Interactive Map

Step 6: Chapters 9 & 10 Review Questions

Answer the following questions in your notebook:

1) How did the development of the Byzantine Empire differ from the development of western Europe?

2) What caused the Great Schism?

3) What were the causes and consequences of the Crusades?

Step 7: Read Primary Documents

Please print and read the primary documents attached. As you read, be sure to take notes on each document. It is recommended that you highlight the text before printing.

Step 8: Parts of a Newspaper

Review the following video on the different parts of a newspaper. Obtain a current newspaper and analyze the structure and layout of the newspaper. Be sure to bring a newspaper with you on December 2nd.

Parts of a Newspaper

Step 9: Optional Media

After doing your research in Steps 1-7, you may want to watch the following attached videos and view the attached websites to extend your knowledge on the Crusades. Songs have also been attached to the Flipped Assignment on Edmodo.

The Crusades ("Eyes Without a Face" by Billy Idol)
Horrible Histories The Crusades Report YouTube
The Templar Code