Latin American Leaders Independence

Jose Maria Morelos

Born in Valladolid, Mexico, September 30, 1765 and Died December 22, 1815

Jose was a Native born in Mexico Helped Mexico gain its independence. in order to help do that he took command of the movement in the south, Controlled all of the land south west of Mexico city and Called the Congress of Chilpancingo to form a government and draft a constitution. The revolters wanted independence from the spaniards

The people of mexico understood his sacrifice and to honor him There is a city in Mexico named after him which is Morelos, Jose Appeared on bills and coins and there are Many streets named after him

Jose De San Martin

Born in Yapeyu, Argentina on February 25th 1778 and Died August 17th 1850

Born in the new world he is a Mestizo. Helped Argentina gain its independence by using his Military Knowledge and skill, De San Martin Crossed Andes to free Chile, Fought in the battle of Chacabuco. The ways that Jose was honored was by putting Last Remains buried in Buenos aires cathedral, there are monuments dedicated to him. He is also known as the greatest national leader of Argentina.

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