Ceramist Research #1

By Lydia Stafford

Jennifer D. Martin

Jennifer D. Martin was raised in Georgia. From 1993-1997 Jennifer attended Georgia Southern University to get her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics. She attended Georgia State University from 1998-2000 to get her Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics.

Jennifer's work reminds me of the beach. Some of her work are seashells, and some just resemble them. I really like her work, and it is definitely an inspiration for me. I love the earthy beach feel her current work has.

It's really awesome to look at the progress pictures. Just to see the process she goes through and the attention to detail that she possesses clearly shows in the final product. She has to have lots of detail to make her art look the way it does, and you can see that she puts the effort in to make the beautiful art she does.

Some of her inspiration is kind of strange. One example is a lobster. She also is inspired by things such as a stone wall with bright green vines on the side. Also, buildings and sky are inspiration for her. She is also inspired by various flowers and earthy things.

I really enjoy her art. Some of it is quirky, and i love that! I would want to have her art in my house if i could! Her art really inspired me to try some earthy and beach themed art in my own work. She has beautiful art and her attention to detail is impressive. She really seems to love what she does and i respect that. Her art has inspired me.

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