A Great Raft For Great Journeys

Have the best Adventures of Your Life!

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors and exploring great places?

Then this is the perfect raft for you! The raft is made from the finest trees of the Canadian forest and is cut from the best beaver teeth. It is incredibly sturdy and can float in any water. It will come bundled with a wooden paddle for moving and steering, and a spear for fishing. For anyone looking to explore with their friends and family, the raft is able to hold up to four people. It's a great tool for anyone that is adventurous and it is the ultimate raft!

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The River By Gary Paulsen Genre: Adventure

"If I made a raft and put Derek on the raft, there might be a way I could make the run, take Derek out, get him to the trading post, and get help". -Brian Robeson

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