The Scientific Revolution

1550 - 1700

What Was The Change

When the scientific revolution started, everyone was not on the same page.Some people were with the church's ideas, and some people were with the new scientists ideas. Many new scientists didn't agree with the church's ideas. From religious practices to astronomy, people didn't comprehend.scientists did not want to be stuck with ideas and beliefs that they didn't believe.The church was even revealed when Gutenberg improved the printing press. People wrote the Bible and the church was not following the true church's rules.The heliocentric method also it seem as if the church was corrupt. The church believed that the earth was the center of the universe, when actually the sun is and the other planets move like an elliptical.

People Of The Revolution

Sir Francis Bacon

    • Invented The Scientific Method
    • Served as attorney general and Lord Chancellor of England
    • Took up Aristotelian ideas ( arguing for an empirical& inductive approach)
    • That was know as the Scientific Method(the foundation of modern scientific inquiry)

    Nicholas Copernicus

    • Developed the concept of the Heliocentric Solar System (1508)
    • Born to copper merchants (Nicholas Copernicus Sr. and Barbara Watzenrode)
    • Excellent painter & mathematician
    • Went to University of Padua, University of Cracow, University of Bologna, University of Ferrara

    Johannes Gutenberg

    • Improved the printing press
    • Caused people to learn the true teachings of Christianity
    • The first book he printed was the 42-line Bible

    Sir Issac Newton

    • Discovered the idea of gravity
    • An apple fell on his head in his garden and he asked "Why did It Fall"
    • He created the 3 laws of gravity
    • Many people had apple fall on them, but Newton asked, "Why"

    Change In Society (The Past)

    • Lots of people were incarcerated; When people found out about the new theories and inventions, the creators were found and incarcerated till death.For example, Galileo was locked up for inventing the telescope and making inferences about space.
    • People were also Excommunicated;People were shunned by the church because of believing what some others said or what their theories are.People did not want to hear what the church had to say because it wasn't all right.People wanted the truth about the world and the church couldn't give it at that time.

    Change In Society (The Present)

    • Books;People are finally able to print books. Modern book printing technology wouldn't be what it is if it wasn't for the printing press. Books printing wouldn't be as developed as it is now.
    • Astronomy;If Galileo didn't invent the telescope,we would know about the sun and other planets.Many people know the wonders of space because of the scientific revolution. The Heliocentric Solar System Theory showed modern astronomers what the universe really looked like.


    Printing Press (Video)