The Outsiders

by isaiah bush

Exposition: Setting, Characters and Conflict

Ponyboy is youngest in his family. He likes school and runs track for his school team. Ponyboy's second oldest brother Soda who is sixteen going on to seventeen. He never cracked a book at all. Ponyboy's oldest brother Darrel is who we call Darry. They live on the east side which is the poorer part of town. This took place in the 1960s. The Socs, the gang that lives on the west side, will not leave the Greasers, that live on the east side, alone. The two gangs beat each other up.

Rising Action

The Ponyboy and and Johnny hung out with Cherry and Marcia at the movie theatre. They are Soc girls. Randy and Bob attacked Pony and Johnny because they were mad that they were hanging out with Cherry and Marcia. Bob starts to drown Pony but Johnny saves him by killing Bob. Johnny and Pony go to Dally to get help because they are in trouble with the cops. They run away to the church on Jay Mountain. Dally, Johnny and Ponyboy go to get food and when they get back the church is on fire. Pony and Johnny go in to the burning church to save the kids.


Because of the church roof falling on him, Johnny dies in the hospital.

Falling Action

Dally was feeling really sad because Johnny died. He decided to rob a grocery store and then died by suicide by cop. He pulled out an unloaded gun out when the cops were coming after him. After Dally and Johnny die, Darry and Pony make a promise to not be mean to each other or fight anymore because it was hurting Soda to see them fight. They also could not afford to lose each other after everything they have gone through.


After the rumble and losing Johnny, Dally and Bob, the Socs and Greasers have an understanding on where they are coming from. Each gang realizes that they are just humans but they are not really friends, though.