James Buchanan

Diplomat and 15th President of the United States

Early Life

James Buchanan was born on April 23rd 1791, in rural Mercherburg, Pennsylvania. As a child he worked on a farm, in which he also lived. Buchanan gained his early education at the "Old Stone Academy Village", then later went to "Dickinson College" to study law.He graduated in 1809, and moved to Lancaster to further his education, James Buchanan enrolled into the military after the war of 1812 had errupted. His time served in the military was the launching pad for his politica career.

Political Career:

Federalist to President:

In 1824 Buchanan was elected to a seat of the Representatives of the Federalist party. He surved under Andrew Jackson during his entire Presidency, and was appointed as the diplomat to russia. He was in the senate, and resigned to be the secratary of state or James K. Polk, leading him to become a minister to England. He defeated John C. Fremont in 1857, although only by a hair. James Buchanan claimed that slavery was the states problem to deal with, not the Federal Govenment. He also believed that this was only a misunderstanding between the people, and nothing more. As an overall review Jame Buchanan was not a very good president, infact he was horrible. He did nothing at all.

Andrew McAllister

This is James Buchanan as a child.