Grenada: An Island Resort

Location and Weather

Grenada is a small group of three islands off of the coast of Venezuela. The main island is called Grenada, and is where most of the inhabitants live. The capital is St. George. Since Grenada is right off of the equator, the weather is always warm. There is a rainy season, June to December, and it rains almost all day during this time.

What to Wear

If you plan on visiting Grenada, it is easy to know what to pack. If you are going during the rainy season make sure to pack a rain coat and umbrella, but whenever you go, you should bring lots of hot weather clothing. Don't forget the sunscreen! If you plan on going hiking however, sandals will not suffice. Make sure to bring some good hiking boots or rain boots. Don't forget your swim suit!

Culture of Grenada

The language in Grenada is English, originating from England, but you can also find French and African phrases mixed in with their speech. On a small island, chicken and fish are an expected source of protein. Beef and pork are rare, and often reserved for big holidays such as Christmas. The island is mostly Roman Catholic, though there are some protestants. Priests, cleargy, and obeah agents are thought highly of and paid well. Many people on the island also believe in spirits, so there are obeah agents to help the spirits pass.
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The warm air is cause for many windowless buildings. The schools have open frames that can be closed during the rainy season. In schools, you can often find school girls holding hands or school boys with their arms draped around each other. The family unit is very powerful in Grenada. If there is a man in the house, he is in charge. Women are expected to take care of the house and children, but now some also have to work. In Grenada, it is unheard of for women to work in mechanics, construction, and shipping, but can find other jobs on the island, such as harvesting nutmeg, the economy's driver. There is usually one generation of family, but it is common to have parents living with their children and grandchildren.


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