Gazette Press Gazette

By Philip Bjorklund

The Blood Moon.

On Saturday, April 4th, there was a total lunar eclipse. These eclipses are becoming more and more well known as a blood moon. They are very interesting to view with a telescope. Many pictures were taken with a high-tech camera and a few more with a common smart phone. These pictures show the moon in high definition and can now be found online, and are very interesting to look at.

Abuzz Over Bees

The article Abuzz over bees was about the practice of beekeeping in an urban environment, and as to wether or not the city of LA should allow this. It definitely is good that they do this for the economic benefit and the help in restoration of the bee population. However, the bees are able to bread with killer bees and cause noise pollution and a nuisance. This, as you can probably tell, raises an interesting debate.

Quantum Physics

Quantum physics is a specific field of science that connects our universe with an infinite number of others. The theory is that for every possible outcome another universe exists in which that outcome occurs differently than in our's. It is a vey interesting theory and I am interested in any evidence they might find to support it.