Welcome to Miss Robinson's Class!

Let's have a fun filled year of math!!

What to look forward to:

This year we will explore Statistics. We will learn how to apply statistics to everyday activites, how to calculate everything needed to find probability, z-scores, standard deviation, variance, means, averages and so much more fun statistic content!

Class Expectations:

1. Respect: Every student will respect not only the teacher, but any other person who happens to be in the classroom.

2. No swearing: Swearing will NOT be tolerated in the classroom.

3. No cheating: Cheating will result in an automatic zero for both people involved and further discipline will be decided by student handbook.

4. Students must also follow those rules stated in the student handbook.

**Saying that students must pay attention, not distract others, or act out are rules that go unsaid. The students are in high school and they know what is and is not acceptable behavior.

About me:

Always Remember:

Being in high school, students are no longer "babied" like they were in elementary and middle school. They are now responsible for turning in assignments when they are due and accepting the consequences of turning in a late assignment. They are also old enough now to understand how to act and treat others, therefore they know and understand what will happen if they misbehave.

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