Music of the '20s, '60s, and Now

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Music's Role in our Society

Music changes with the way our society is. Be it with Jazz in the '20s partying after WW1, or bands like The Beatles with very psychedelic music with the popularity of drugs and anti war is going around during the '60s. And in modern times you can listen to any type of music you like because the accessibility of any music.

Music of the '20s

In the 1920s Jazz exploded around the world, especially in America. With the '20s being a party decade Jazz music was the perfect music to dance and have a good time to.

West End Blues - a popular song in the '20s by Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong - West End Blues 1928

Music of the '60s

1960s was a very tense time with the Cold War, Bay of Pigs Invasion, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The music was a way to get away from all the of the stress and talk about what is going on with music. With branches of rock overtaking the pure rock and roll more and more varieties of music started to come up. Most of which were closely related to drugs, anti war, and making a change.

Revolution - The Beatles, a popular song in the '60s

Revolution - The Beatles

Modern Music

Most of our pop music now revolves around what is going on in today's society and evolves to people's likings. Music like rap evolved in low income areas rapping about the hard times they were going through and then evolved into a highly popular music talking about everyday life and partying. Lot of country music talks about hardships in life and getting through them with music and also having a good time. There are so many types of music today and it represents the merging of different cultures.

Feeling Good - Popular song from 2006 by Michael Buble.

Michael Bublé - Feeling Good [Official Music Video]

Connections of the time periods

During all the time periods music was influenced by what what was going on in society. Be it the '20s partying and having a good time, or the '60s with references to drugs and anti war, music plays a big role in society.