By Davan

Theme: Perseverance

  • The boys mother had to take care of all her children while the father was in hard labor and jail. Sounder, had to withstand a wound for more than 1 month.The boys father had to deal with having half of his body paralyzed for more than 1 month too. The boy had to step up and take more control and help his family like how his father used to.


  • Bayard Rustin was a huge person in the rights of colored people and the gay community. He protested for both the gay community and equal rights for colored people. He had to learn most of this himself because he grew up with his grandparents and they died at an early age for a normal child. That shows perserverence He grew up in with these type of people because his grandma/mom was in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).
  • He had to stand up a lot so colored people could have their rights. He also had to deal with people protesting against a gay marriage or gay relationships. He had to take care of himself most of his life because he had to live with his grandparents.

Video of Charlottes Web

  • This video shows how everything and everyone deserves to have a chance to succeed in life. It proves that just because the pig was born small it doesn’t have to die. The father didn’t want a small pig he wanted a big pig for the meat. The girl knew that everything should have a shot to succeed in life so she stepped in and started taking care of the pig.
  • Similar to Sounder's Master, people didn’t accept the boy’s father like they didn’t accept the small pig. The boy accepted how his father did something wrong, like how the father was going to kill the pig, but the girl said that she would care for the undersized pig.The boy knew something bad was happening when his father got arrested, like how the girl knew her father was going to kill the pig.

Anticipation guide

  • A poor person who steals food should not be put in jail, disagree.
  • If a regular person steals they have to go to jail but that doesn’t change when a poor person steals. It doesn’t make it fair for the people that have food. It is a bad influence for younger generations.

A Father, Daughter, and Dog

  • When Sounder came home his bones were sticking out, and when the daughter brought the dog home its bones were sticking out to. Both the dogs came for help when they knew their master was dead.
  • The Father in Sounder died in the woods and the Father in the story died in bed. There was not a boy in the story but in Sounder there is.


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