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Happy Easter Around The World, And Give Thanks

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Primary Election Contests

The March 1st primary elections have ended, and as a result, several key contests will be decided in the November election race. The Texas Governors race between Gregg Abbott and Beto O'Rourke will head the importance of the November election. Several other contests will be decided upon, which will have an impact on our everyday lives. Everyone needs to know the candidates, issues, and then vote your conscience for the persons who will best represent your beliefs and needs of our community as citizens of Texas and the United States.

In Harris County, mail-in ballots experienced problems which caused thousands of ballots to be NOT counted during the primary elections. Voters by mail, should make certain that they have completely and accurately submitted the documents required for mail-in voting, along with having the proper ID documents needed. Every election is too important to be ignored. Future generations will be highly impacted by decisions we make during the elections in November. Get informed of the candidates, issues and their track records and then cast YOUR vote. If you don't vote, you cannot complain!

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Ketanji Brown Jackson for Supreme Court Judge

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Spring Break

Throughout the current school year, educators have continually worked to provide the education, structure, support and guidance to students, parents and their families, while navigating the Covid 19 pandemic. In person learning, remote instruction, face masks, vaccinations, social distancing, sanitizations, war and critical race theory etc. have consumed educators relentlessly.

During mid March, despite cold weather and other local distractions, "THE SUN SHONE BRIGHT" in the form of Spring Break. Educators of every grade level, title, age group, years of service etc. were deserving of Spring Break to call "time out" to the fast paced school year. It is hoped that ALL educators took that time to catch your breath, get your deserved rest and relax during your break week. Thank you for all you have done so far, and with a little more than two months before the school year ends for 2021-22, your rejuvenation during this time will sustain you until summer vacation arrives.

You are valued, needed and vital for the future generations to come. Even though not said often enough, without teachers, we would be living outdoors, barefoot and hunting for food while using grunts to communicate. Teachers have made this world advance throughout the centuries. Continue your outstanding service to your school communities and families! Thank you for all that you do!

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The Shoulders We Stand On

Someone You Should Know

Dr. James Hill

Dr. James Hill received his bachelor’s degree from Huston-Tillotson College in 1953 and then began his career in education as a high school counselor, mathematics teacher and band director with the Abilene School District. He served as deputy commissioner with the Texas Education Agency and as director of the southwest field office for Educational Testing Services before becoming an associate vice president for administration and public affairs in 1993 at the University of Texas. From June 2000 until January 2007, he served as vice president for community and school relations.

As the first African-American vice president at UT, Hill provided exemplary leadership, supervision and general management of the following offices and programs: Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, University Interscholastic League, Neighborhood Longhorns, Community and School Relations, University Outreach Programs and Pre-College Youth Development. He participated in numerous community and University activities, including the Task Force for Austin Major Employees, Martin Luther King Jr. Statue Committee, Barbara Jordan Historical Essay Competition, Affirmative Action Working Group Committees, Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum Foundation, Austin Entrepreneurial Project and UT Faculty and Deans’ Council.

Through the wisdom and insight of Dr. Hill, he became one of the founding members of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators. He takes his rightful place as one of the trailblazers of our organization. His dedication to education and service is a hallmark of his.

Dr. Hill retired from UT in January 2007, but still served as Senior Vice President, special assistant to the president. Dr. Hill transitioned from this earthly home on September 2, 2012.

He shall not be forgotten.

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Fort Worth Area Alliance of Black School Educators

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Preparing The Next Generation of African American Educators

Hello all!! My name is John W. Washington and I’ve been a member of TABSE since 1988 and I joined NABSE in 1990. I have been fortunate to start two affiliates, the first was the Lubbock Area Alliance of Black School Educators in 1994 and the second one, the Garland Area Alliance of Black School Educators in 2002.

I was President of TABSE from 2012-14 following Dr. Elaine Bailey. I’ve traveled the state of Texas installing affiliates just as Johnny Appleseed did in planting trees. If I did not make a personal appearance to install officers with our Executive Director Ms. Phyllis Williams, we installed them via Zoom during our Covid-19 Pandemic Era. That’s a snapshot of me and my involvement and continuous support and my strong belief in TABSE and the Affiliates that support the mission and goals of this outstanding organization. I am now retired after serving students in three different school districts in Texas (Garland, LaMarque and Lubbock) for 40 years of service in the public school sector.

I’ve worn many hats starting as a Middle School teacher/coach, High School teacher/coach, H.S. Assistant Principal, Elementary Principal, Middle School Principal, Director of HR, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent. With that bit of background about me let me share my thoughts for future Educators as they become true advocates for all students with a emphasis on students of African American decent.

This next generation of educators will be standing on the shoulders of men and women that had to discuss issues concerning minority students in tight circles and in silos. The table has been set to have those Courageous Conversations about what efforts are being made for equal opportunities and equal assess for children that resemble us. As America begins to understand that Black Lives Matter in our city streets as well as in our classrooms across America, we must continue to be positive role models for children and never give up loving students daily. Show sympathy and even empathy towards students that education is the passport to a better life and in making an individual realize that there is a bright productive future for them, only if they apply themselves daily to create a better “You” in the process.

A lot of us came from humble beginnings and we should share those personal stories letting students know that the process is a day-to-day thing and the goal is to be better today than they were the day before. Become advocates for them when other teachers lack the love for them. Talk to your colleagues about better understanding our students of color, using the old but true adage, “a student does not care how much you know, until they know how much you care”. You will see the change in students when you become a teacher that’s loving and caring. Please be consistent and model the appropriate behaviors especially when the environment is intense. Be fair and consistent when dealing with students. Talk over discipline and behaviors and always tell them the next step if inappropriate behaviors continue. Involve parents and garner their support.

As I circle back, please forgive my digression of my main topic, but my old classroom management lessons had to come out and I could not bypass the opportunity to share a few Pearls of Wisdom that were shared with me by those whom I emulated and I used as role models.

One of the TABSE well known Past Presidents, Dr. Kimberly McLeod hammered a very realist phrase during her tenure as president. ”Either you have a seat at the table or you will find yourself on the menu.” Stop and internalize that statement. You will realize that the time has come for us to have the seat at the table to be in the forefront of the conversation. Ask or inquire about what are we doing for students of African American decent? What can we do as a team or an organization to improve our reading and math scores, graduation rate, decrease our dropout rate, improve our ACT/SAT entrance exam scores. You, no longer have to whisper among close friends and associates, we are now informed and we must have those Courageous Conversations and approach those issues realistically. Plan a strategy with sincere buy-in of the process and keep it in the forefront of conversations. We must do our individual and/or collective best to bring Equity and Equality for ALL not just a few. Our minority students need you daily to bring out their best. Celebrate the big milestones and tell students your honest opinions about their concerns. If it’s not up to par or to a certain standard, tell them and provide a playbook or a blue print of what you want to achieve to bring about success for them.

In closing, let me say to the TABSE membership, that our organization is the vehicle to drive home those points aforementioned. It’s going to take all of us working toward a common goal to improve the status of public school education. I’m going to paraphrase an old Baptist church saying, modified for this particular article….”If every member in TABSE was a member just like me, what would TABSE be? I am the answer and truly know what I can do to make a difference in all the lives that God has entrusted me to touch!!”

I want to thank our Historian Mr. Melvin Guider for this opportunity to share a little about myself and my involvement with our State organization of the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators. May God Bless You and the students and parents that we serve.

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School Safety Spotlight

Congratulations to Dr. Darwin Spiller, Executive Director of Title IX Compliance and Investigations at RichardsonISD. Dr. Spiller is their SchoolSafety Spotlight Recipient in the Staff Development and Training Category for Fall 2021. Nominations for spring 2022 were due March 31, 2022.

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Tyler Area Alliance of Black School Educators Gala

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More photos from the TABSE State Conference

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