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Is seeing your kids worth putting them at risk?

Lauren Oliver:

I have been in custody for a while, let's call my temporary home the crypts, I have been planning my escape. My whole family thinks I'm dead.. I'm glad they do because if my escape goes haywire they won't have to go through all that pain and sadness of losing me again. I have this pen/necklace, it is the last thing I have of my family. It will be the key to my escape. I know I'm going to die in here so I would rather die escaping than rotting away in a hidden cell. Anyway I need advice because once I escape, there is no coming back EVER! I have too daughters. One of my daughters was very close to me. My other daughter is over 18 and probably has the cure by now. But my youngest daughter still has a chance. When I escape it will be the first time I have felt freedom in a long time. I want my daughter to be free, from the cure. If I go to get her I have no idea what her reaction could be, and should she be cured I could risk my life and hers. My baby's deserve the truth but I have no way of telling them, without hurting them. What do I do?

From: Motherly Love (Lena's mom)

Motherly Love:

Sometimes you have to do the hard thing, that's just part of being a mother. I think to save your daughters. Maybe the cure is what's best for them, you're a skate may cause them to be injured. I think that you are going to have to end up choosing Bing them say for being able to see them. And maybe one day you'll be able to see your daughters again, but escaping from the crypts, like you said, could hurt your children.and if they find out you're alive all they will do is worry about you. It is your decision, but choose wisely because you will only be able to choose once.

From: Lauren Oliver

P.s can I base your problems on a book that will probably become a bestseller?