for the holidays

Get your Kindermusik Gift Certificate NOW!

Kindermusik is the perfect gift:

  • it is the right size
  • it won't be put away after a few weeks
  • it provides memories and a developmental foundation that will last a lifetime

Get your Gift Certificates HERE

If you'd like something more tangible under the tree, we have small instruments or kits that can be purchased, as well. Just drop me an email or give me a call 339-5075

Special Holiday Gift for Kindermusik Families

Currently enrolled Kindermusik families are welcome to share a little popcorn fun to get your holidays really sizzling!


Popcorn by missannskm

Kindermusik with Ann Czeponis

Classes for 1-3 yr olds & 3-5 yr olds

  • Monday 4:30 1-3 yr old
  • Monday 5:30 3-5 yr old
  • Tuesday 9:30 1-3 yr old
  • Wednesday 10:30 1-3 yr old
  • Thursday 9:30 3-5 yr old
  • Thursday 5:00 1-3 yr old
  • Thursday 6:00 1-3 yr old

Interested in a 5-7 yr old class? Let us know - we are hoping to add one