Nervous System

By: Spencer Sprenger

Nervous System

The nervous system runs all throughout the body.

Function of Organs and and Body Systems

The eye which is an organ is connected to the brain. The eye has three layers of different kinds of tissue. The three layers are the Fibrous layer,vascular layer, and the retina tissue. Three functions the eye does is give your body sight and makes you see. It allows you to adjust far and near distances and to also focus on different things. The eye also gives you nutrients to your body. It can also make you tired if you don't rest your eyes. Other parts of the nervous system is the brain spinal cord and nerves. The brain controls your thought and what you do. The spinal cord is basically the back bone of your neck and back. Nerves can help function your limbs and your muscles.

Top Three Diseases

How Does the Nervous System Interact with Another Organ System

The nervous system interacts with other organ systems like the digestive system. The nervous system interacts with the digestive system by sending signals to the digestive system and that can make you feel bad or feel sick or just not make you feel good at all.