Third Grade Scoop

November 4th-November 8th

Reading and Language Arts

Last week, we learned about synonyms and antonyms. Ask your learner if they can give you examples of both! Learns also used "hooks" to capture readers in their writing.

We finished reading The One and Only Ivan! Ask your student to tell you what it was about. We all LOVED it!!

In writing this week, we will be writing imaginative stories that have great characters, an awesome setting, and a fabulous problem and solution! I was so impressed with your learners' personal narratives. Wow!

In grammar, we will be learning about adverbs and continue to practice on our cursive letters.

*Please make sure your child is reading or on iStation regularly. Thank you!

Library Day is Thursday! Make sure your learners are bring their books!


Math W.O.W (Word of the Week): Quotient

We will be working on how to use strategies to solve problems. We will also begin to dip our toes into multiplication by modeling multiplication concepts with arrays.

At home please continue to use Reflex math and Think Through Math 2-3 times a week. Parents, you could also try incorporating some telling time practice at home this week. We’ve talked about how we can say 1:30 or half passed one and 1:15 is a quarter after one. Students need to be aware they they these terms mean the same thing.

The more practice they get with this the better!

Take a look at use learning through our friends words as we play "Talk a Mile a Minute"!


We will continue to talk about force and motion. Pulling, pushing and how work and unbalanced forces play into everything.

Last week, we played Tug-of-War to show how forces feel:) They loved it!!

Social Studies

Your learner has used websites and books to become experts about their explorer. Ask them what they know about their person!

This week, we will begin creating our presentations. Learners can present the information any way they like! I can't wait to see what they do!

Important Information

  • Please make sure your learner is well rested and has eaten a good breakfast this week. We want them to be alert and prepared for the COGAT testing. Thank you!
  • Have you checked out yet? You can enter your student's spelling words and it creates quizzes and games.

Mark Your Calendar

November 1st: Report cards go home. Please sign and return.

November 4th-8th: Book Fair and COGAT testing

November 8th: Grandparents/Special Friends Day

November 11th: Veteran's Day Celebration at 8:15am

November 21st: Possible Field Trip Day

Mrs. Matthews and Mrs. Trueblood

Please contact us if you ever have questions or concerns!