Preschool Registration Confirmation

2018/2019 School Year

Welcome To The Preschool House!

I'm very happy that your preschooler will be joining our class. Both the MWF and TTH classes are going to be really fun classes, with some new and returning families that I am excited about. If you're getting this email from me it's just to let you know that I'm planning on your preschooler joining us in the fall. I'll be in contact with you near the end of the summer with all the information you'll need about the start of school and our open house, but just so you can get a jump on things I've included a list of some important preschool information to keep in mind...

You're Registered... Now What??

  • Pay your $65 registration fee sometime before the end of the school year. This fee is the same for all new and returning families and goes to cover the cost of all field trips and supplies for the entire school year. You can bring it to me, or pay online here
  • Get a copy of your child's immunizations- this is also for all new and returning families. Due to state licensing laws I'm required to keep them all on record. Just to keep things easy for myself, I collect a new copy from everyone. I'll need these by our open house in August, so check with your pediatrician if you need to get a copy or to make sure all your child's shots are up to date.
  • Update your contact information (returning families). I don't need a new registration form from you, but if you've had any changes in emergency contacts, addresses, or phone numbers during this last year let me know so I can update your file.
  • Work on potty training. If your soon to be preschooler isn't there yet, don't worry- you still have a lot of time to work on it, but now is a great time to start. Even if they aren't 100% by the time preschool starts, still don't worry, being in preschool has a way of helping them get it all figured out.
  • Schedule A Visit Most of you I've met before, but if your preschooler hasn't had a chance to come and see the classroom you should contact me so we can make that happen. Even if their older sibling was in preschool, each child should come and get acquainted with the classroom before preschool starts so that they can have some context in the upcoming months as you talk about preschool. I'd love to have you come by!
  • Check out the website, if you haven't yet. You'll find a lot of information about our school. In the next month I'll also post the calendar for the upcoming school year. If you want, also, you can "like" The Preschool House on Facebook. During the year I'll post pictures every week and announcements there.

What You'll Need For Preschool:

A backpack. That's about it. Make sure it's not one of those teeny tiny ones, but a full sized backpack that I can send stuff home in and they can keep a change of clothes in (things sometimes get messy around here!). Your registration fee covers all other supplies, so there's nothing else to worry about.

That's about it. Have a great summer. Please contact me if there's any questions you have. I'll be in touch!