October 28 - November 1st

Self-Control & Honesty

October 28th: All Grades

Have your students come up with their own definition of honesty. (K-1 Teachers: You are going to need to provide them with a definition. Honesty: To tell the truth and to act truthfully)

Follow Up-Question: How is being honest showing self-control?

October 29th: All Grades

Watch the video clip below.

Follow up statement: The boy in the video was showing honesty and respect by returning the purse and not taking anything from it.

Follow up question: Has anyone ever returned something you lost to you? We're you appreciative of their honesty?


Have you ever been in the same shoes as the boy? How did it make you feel to return something to someone?

October 30th: K-2

Discussion Question:

What are some things that might make us think about not being honest?

(examples: seeing money on the table in an empty room, being afraid that we'll get in trouble if we did something wrong and the teacher asks us, etc.)

Why is it important to still tell the truth in these situations?

October 30th: 3-5

Have students look at the quote to the right. (Read aloud to them)

Discussion question:

What does James Altucher mean when he says, honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure?

Allow a few minutes for student discussion.

Follow up Question if needed: What things tempt us to be dishonest?

October 31st: All Grades

Watch the video clip below about Nasim and his act of honesty.

Discussion Question: Why is honesty not just about TELLING the truth, but also about ACTING in truth?

K-1: You might have to probe students. Example: Look how no one asked Nasim a question about the wallet. He still showed honesty by making sure to send the wallet back to owner. How can we SHOW honesty instead of just telling the truth?

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary