World Book ONLINE

For Kids Kindergarten - 2nd

Home Page

The World Book Kids home page is designed to help young learners find information quickly and develop online skills.

1. Search and browse options at the top of the page enable early readers to navigate the site.

2. Images from newly added and updated articles invite users to click to learn more.

3. A featured video appears on the home page; use the controls at the bottom to start, pause, or stop the video. Click Learn More! to read the related article.

4. Browse and search for images in World Book Kids.

5. Enter the World of Animals to compare animals side by side and view a collection of animal facts, videos, images, and Web links.

6. The Important People feature provides a powerful yet easy-to-use search and browse interface for young users to locate information about important people. Biographies are searchable by specifying up to four attributes of the important person: job or achievement, country or cultural heritage, male or female, and time period.

7. World Book’s age appropriate Science Projects and experiments provide the instruction and resources for long-term and last minute science fair projects.

8. The World Book Kids dictionary features simple language and thousands of illustrations and pictures.

9. The collection of resources in Maps and More allow students to explore their exciting world.

10. Compare Places around the world, including continents, countries, states, and provinces, or explore your favorite places through quick facts, images, maps, flags, seals, and videos.

11. World Book Kids’ collection of Games and Activities include a variety of educational games and interactive activities to engage children of all types of learning styles.

Young Learners Needs are met.

Bold Colors, Fun pictures mixed with High-interest,

easy to read content captivates and inspires early learners.

Article Page

1. Article text is written for the beginning reader in a larger text.

2. The Tools box, at the top of all content pages, includes options to print, e-mail, and save. Translate and Read-aloud functionalities may be added with select subscription packages.

3. Colorful photos, illustrations, and videos help visual learners understand key concepts.

4. Integrated database allows users to access additional encyclopedia articles, editor-approved Web sites, and more.

5. Every article includes a citation to help students learn how to cite sources.

6. Embedded games and activities help students make learning interactive.

World Book Kids is the premier general reference Web site.

World Book Kids features:

• A variety of simple search and browse navigation options
• Thousands of easy-to-read articles with embedded multimedia
• Engaging images, illustrations, and videos
• A tool for exploring and comparing animals
• An Important People feature to help students search and browse through several thousand biographies
• A collection of age-appropriate science fair projects
• Atlas, interactive maps, and outline maps and flags
• A tool for exploring and comparing places
• Over 200 educational games and activities
• Teacher resources