Oregon iPad User Group

Let's learn together!

Join other district tech leaders, IT folks and classroom teachers for a half day of sharing and learning.

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Oregon iPad User Group

Thursday, Dec. 20th 2012 at 12pm to Friday, Dec. 21st 2012 at 2pm

5825 Northeast Ray Circle, Hillsboro, OR

Workshop will start whole group, break out into groups for relevant topics, then come back together to debrief.

Essential questions:
1) ask questions; group answers (best practices)
2) What’s working? Teaching strategies and apps to go with them.
3) What are the next steps in your project? How can we help each other?

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12:00 Introductions

12:15 Outcomes for the day

12:30 Break out #1

1:30 Brain Break

1:45 Break out #2

2:45 Debrief

3:00 Optional continuing the conversation meet up (off site)

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