Thomas Edison

By:Morgan and Jasmin

Thomas Edison's Boy Hood

Thomas was born in a little house in Milan, Ohio on February 11,1847. His parents names were Samule and Nancy. Samule could not read or write very well. The parents had 6 children but the three youngest died. He was often sick and began to loose his hearing. He was called Little Al as a child. Last but not least when he was a kid he liked to do a lot of experiments that led to things that we have today.

Thomas's Inventions

One of his inventions was the light bulb that he is known for. It was not an easy process for him. He had to try many times to get what he wanted. He tried a piece of cotton thread that had been baked in an oven. It glowed for 13 hours! In a light bulb there is a base, vacuum, filament, and glass. He always planned something before actually doing the experiment. He also had workers to help him.

His Three Greatest Inventions

Additional Information

Thomas was asked by the government to lead a group of scientists and inventors to work on ideas to help win the war. Thomas also made inventions for the world and not just the war. They impacted us for having light, transportation, and sending special messages as well as other things.


"Success doesn't come immediately. Work hard and don't quit."

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The History of Thomas Edison - a Short Story