Buckingham House

Fur Trading


Buckingham House was a fur trading post on the North Saskatchewan River near Elk Point from 1792 to 1800. This fort belongs to the Hudson Bay Company. Another fort named Fort George is also located in the same location, it was owned by the North West Company.


Relations between the two posts were usually difficult. During a drought the Hudson Bay Company tried to deny the North West Company access to the Hudson Bay Company well. Buckingham House was abandoned in 1800. Both posts were on a wooded north bank. A gully and a few hundred yards separated them.


There were many First Nations who traded at the Buckingham House. Members from Blackfoot, Pagan, and Blood, Cree, and Ojibwa were all included. Many men at the post were also married to Cree and Metis.

Buckingham House Today

Buckingham House is currently a Provincial Historic Site and there are many visitors each day to witness the breathtaking view of Buckingham House.