Black Sands Beach

By: Laura Fleming


Black Sands Beach is located on the continent of North America in the United States. Its latitude and longitude is 40.04 degrees N, -124.07 degrees W.

Characteristics of this beach

What type of beach is it??

  • This beach is an active coast, this is because it is close to a plate boundary and tectonic activity. It's near the San Andreas Fault line located in California.

  • Black Sands Beach is a submergent coast; it has been sinking relative to sea level over the past 200 years

  • This beach is a primary coast, created by geological forces from the San Andreas Fault

About the actual beach

  • Black Sands Beach is made up of black sand

  • This sand comes from colored sandstone called greywacke and older compressed shale

  • Black Sands Beach is known for its trails people hike on

  • There are offshore reefs that create peeling lines of consistent and well shaped surf

  • There are many coastal ridges along the beach, uplifted plates, as well as some mountain areas
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