Stop Cyberbullying

how tough are you really if you hide behind a screen?

what is cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can be described as the use of technology to harass and mistreat peers or those around you online.

examples of cyberbullying

Cyberbullying happens a lot, and 3 common examples are:

  • mean emails, texts, or comments
  • rumors posted on social media sites to make someone look bad
  • embarrassing or degrading pictures

3 differences between cyberbullying & bullying


-can occur 24/7, anytime or anyplace.............-normally only happens in one place or time

-can be anonymous, and hard to trace...........-bullying is directly to victim by known person

-never gone, copied & pasted by other...........-same thing only happens once, then is over

effects of cyberbullying

The various effects cyberbullying may have on victims depend on the extent of the bullying, and the personality of the one suffering from it, but may include:

  • increased likely hood to use drugs or alcohol
  • skipping school
  • decrease in grade average
  • lower self esteem
  • increase in heath problems

prevention and awareness

Below are ways parents can be more involved and aware of what their kids are doing online:

  • know the sites your kid visits, and the frequency in which they are used
  • know all passwords (only to use in case of emergency)
  • inform the kids they will be highly monitored
  • "follow"your kids on social media pages
  • encourage you children to stick up for those being cyberbullied

establishing rules

Tips for online safety:

  • don't share your passwords with anyone except your parents
  • think about what you are posting before it's out there forever
  • remember everyone can see what you post- even strangers

reporting a cyberbully

3 steps to be taken if you are cyber bullied:

  • don't respond to or forward cyberbullying messages
  • keep the evidence of the bullying
  • block the cyberbully

report to your online service provider

How to report a bullying case to a service provider:

  • review terms of the site- often, bullying is a violation of their terms
  • learn how to block the bullies and harassers
  • report violations to the media site

report to your local law enforcement

Example of following(and more) should be reported to a law enforcement officer:

  • threats of violence
  • stalking and hate crimes
  • sending of explicit images

report to your school

Two ways school administrators can help with bullying are:

  • many are required address cyberbullying in their anti bullying programs
  • use information to prevent further damage and come up with responsive strategies
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