Same Difference

Kelly Robinson

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We are alike in different ways

The three stories share many similarities and differences. In the story "Bring hope to sandy survivors" and "Surviving hurricane sandy" they both deal with kids helping people that were there at the time of hurricane sandy. Even though Matt and Ariel were both considered heroes, it was in different ways. Matt saved a women and her two dogs in the mist of hurricane sandy and that is why he is considered a hero. Ariel, on the other hand, created a Facebook page that connected people who lost personal items after hurricane sandy with people who were willing to donate. This is how she is considered a hero. In the article about Deamonte Love, it talked about how a 6 year old boy stayed with 5 children while they were separated from there parents. Deamonte and Matt both physically helped people by standing by them and saving their lives when they needed it the most. Deamonte, on the other hand, watch over 5 children while he was 6 years old during hurricane Katrina while Matt, save a women and her dogs at the age of 17 during hurricane sandy. Deamonte and Ariel both help save lives. Deamonte looked after 5 children when they needed him the most and kept them until they reach safety. there is no telling what would have happened if he left the kids to fin for there selves. Ariel took her time to create a page on Facebook to link people who have lost something valuable and people who are willing to give them there valuables back. In some way, they did save lives. Each of the three stories had characters in it who became a hero. They all went through an experience that cause them to do something heroic and in the eyes of many they were brave and helpful. This a trait of a true hero.

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