Joined EU in March 25 1952

Yes, it was a founding member of the EU.

Was your country apart of another country at some poimt

Yes it was connected to Germany Netherland and France.

Where was it located

It is a federal government in Western Europe.

My brief history of Belgium flag

Yellow show generosity as a loin, red shows loin claws tongue hardness bravery and strength , black the shield of determination.

Capital and 4 major cities

Brussels and Dutch bilingual and French and Brussels.

Tourism what attract people to Belgium

People are attracted to Belgium and its cosmopolitan capital.

Geography of Belgium

Three main geographical region the costal plain, central plateau and uplands.

Belgium government type

A federal parliament democracy under a constitution monarchy.

Belgium currency type

1 euro = 40.399

3 intresting fact

The oldest free country , known for its waffles ,the first to receive a charter of rights.