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Landor Associates Dyman Foam - The heavier the foam, the better the quality. Going hand in hand with this is that the heavier the foam (i.e. the better the quality) the more expensive it is BUT the longer it will last. The confusing thing about foam that people do not know is that foam can be made to varying hardness's – all with the same weight. This means, that a high quality foam (for example) can be made to feel very soft and it can also be made to feel very hard (plus any variance in between). Similarly, a low quality foam can be made to feel soft or hard. This is where the confusion lies with most people. With over 40 different foams in standard and premium grades, both flame retardant and non-flame retardant, Landor Associates Dyman Foams has the ability to supply any foam requirements to any market. Over the years, as foam has become more and more expensive and retailers have pressured manufacturers to reduce prices to compete with imports, foams have been developed of lesser quality but higher hardness (and substituted for the better quality foams). Let's look at those two critical factors