Sam Feaher

OCD Questions

What causes it?

-Some scientists think tht it could be gentic, but noone is truy sure.

How does it affect someone's body and mind?

-OCD causes anxiety which then leads to compulsive actions.

Can it be cured, or are their treatments to alleviate the symptoms?

-Their is no known cure for OCD but, pyschotherapy and some medications can help with bearing it.

What sort of adaptations/changes can be made to the envirement to help someone with this disability?

- Their isnt really anything that cn be done but i guess have good and more therapits easily accesible.

what recent strides have been made in the research and awareness of this disability?

-Their is an International OCD Foundation to help with awareness for the disablility and you can donate to them which they use to help out with the community.

Give an interesting fact about this disability.

-The most common unwanted thoughts that rush through people with OCD's mind are unwanted blasphemous, suicidal, and sexual thoughts.

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