Racial Violence

Anthony Knox Pd. 1 Niehaus 9-21

What was the origin of KKK and what year did it start

KKK started in 1865.The reason that it was founded was to prevent blacks from voting. There.There goal was to beat down the congress by killing blacks.Since the KKK beat and killed to prevent them from voting the numbers of blacks that lived in that country deceased.

How this affected American citizens.

Black's lived in fear for there life when they go and vote because they don't know if they are targeted they were also beaten or beaten to death it was horrible for young spectators and others.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that the KKK torched teachers to stop teaching black kids.

The KKK AKA KU KLUX KLAN means circle.

In the KKK people where given ranks like Grand Cyclops and other.

Did you know that the KKK started as a small thing then there numbers increased by a lot over the years