College Comp and Research Portfolio

Walker Graves

Overview and Plans

My name is Walker Graves and I am a senior at Chillicothe High School in Chillicothe Missouri. I am currently taking the course College Composition and Research taught by Dr. Jill Watkins. I enjoy playing sports and am active in many school clubs and organizations. After high school I plan to attend college and play football.

English 101

English 101 is taught by Dr. Jill Watkins at Chillicothe High School. Dr. Watkins graduated from Trenton High School in Trenton Missouri. She then went on to earn her Doctorate in Education at William Woods University.


Academic Resume

The Academic Resume paper is about what I have accomplished during my four year high school career.
Academic Resume Link:

High School Resume

College Application Essay

My College Application Essay is about the relationship my mom and I have and the person she pushes me to be on a day to day basis.

Narration Essay

My Narration Essay is about how we as Americans live in an society where we believe everything can be bought. I argue against this statement and disagree.
Narration Essay Link:

"How Much do You Want it?"

Analysis Essay

My Analysis Essay is about the biases broadcast stations produce in the content they present to their viewers.
Analysis Essay Link:

"Broadcasting Biases"

Definition Essay

My Definition Essay is an essay where we created our own definition for achievement. Our College Composition and Research class interviewed teachers and administrators from different schools in Kansas City to help create our definition.

Summary Response/Critique Essay

In my Summary Response/Critique Essay I talk about how in today's society we often look down upon blue-collar workers.
Summary Response/Critique Essay Link:

"The Need for Skilled Labor"

Argumentative Essay

In my Argumentative Essay I argue against vegetarianism. I state the benefits to incorporating meat into one's daily diet.
Argumentative Essay Link:

"Downfalls to Vegetarianism"


"Top 5" Lessons

In the "Top 5" Lessons I am talking about my top 5 tips I think that students need to know to be successful in Dr. Watkins College Composition and Research class.

Reflection on My Best Piece of Writing

This is the paper I thought I did some of my best work on this semester. It is a paper about the need for blue-collar jobs. I go through the paper and explain what I did good on and mention a few areas in which I could improve in.
Dec 13, 2017 8:51 PM

"Did You Know?"

This video clip is about Dr. Ryan Stanley and the new LEAD Innovation Center in Park Hill Missouri. The lesson to be learned is new ways of grading that is beneficial to students.

Contact Information

If you have any questions you can contact me anytime.