Valeria Rivera

Hamburg germany

airfare cost and schedule

I am leaving Denver Colorado At 8:45pm and landing at 6:15am In Hamburg, Germany. The cost of just two adult airplane tickets is $23015.00. Which is a total of $1507.60 per ticket. I also purchased a travel insurance so if at last minute i want to cancel my trip or if anything at all that will complicate my trip it will garanty money back or reschduele.



I am staying in hamburg, Germany for 13 days so we are leaving april 2nd and coming back april 15th! The place i am staying at is a hotel called steigenberger hotel hamburg. The cost for each night will be $334.30. Its a luxury hotel with room service and beautiful bathrooms providing a hair dry and a head-held shower and comfortable beds. Also a wonderful view Of Hamburg and water. Also provides internet access so I can keep in touch with family back home and post pictures on social networks. They also offer payed movies to enjoy after a long day! But that's not it they have a peaceful and relaxing place just downstairs supplying you with a spa for those soar muscle's because of so much walking you do threw out he day!!

Hotel Total: $4,292.40.

Food cost for 12 day:-Breakfast $772.92 daily coffee & food company

-Lunch/Dinner $1,090.20 SABAI Restaurant

Hotel/Food Total:$6155.52


Some activitys in Hamburg Germany going to a Broad Way play called "The Lion King" with my friend whcih will be $77.26.Were looking forward to going to a tour called "hamburg: Hafencity to Grobe freiheit 5-hour tour" which will cost $49.35 will discover why hamburg is honored and what hamburg is well-known for. Another tour we will be doing is the "traditional harbor tour in hamburg" which will cost $18.33 in this tour you take a cruise that will show us various parts of the city's harbor and historical places.

Total: Play-$154.52

1st tour-$98.70

2nd tour-$36.66

history and culture

  • In 1189 they named hamburg the "most mercantile city" because of there free trading rights and exemption from costums duties.
  • In 1918 the powerful people told the German highly sea sailors to throw a bomb to the british but the sailors refused so after three times that the Germany admiralty told them to fire it they refused again and about 1000 mutineers got put in jail and when the area and countries heard about his they declared the country as a republic country.
  • There was a bombing there from the British killing 42,00 Germans people.

Germans love to live inside the box and following the "German rules". Lack of politeness here in Germany people aren't rude they just there rude is not the same as are rude so for us its very respectful. Also the prices here to find homes are very expensive because of the competition going on between house marketing. People here are not that humorless, in other words they "don't get humor". But theirs not just bad things about Germans they are very organized and like to have everything in order and "perfect".If they have plans they don't just plan then a day before they literally plan them a year in advance and they make a big deal if you give them a surprise (they hate surprises)

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

There are many things you can come across well traveling some are things you can fix instantly and well some kinda ruin your trip.

One of the things that can happen while traveling is losing your luggage.Sometimes the luggage gets put on the wrong plane or something but its not on your plane, so you have to be prepared for that.How? well one solution is bringing all the things you need for a living ("things you cant live without").Another thing that is really common can is that you might lose or get your id or passport stolen while your on the airplne or while you stop and get your wallet out anf they can fall out but you have to be prepared for all that.One way to solve this is having photocopies of everything (passport,id).A really bouncy thing that can happen is weather you gotta make sure you check the wether in the place your traveling to because if you pack cloths according to your weather if your traveling around the world so the climates going to be different.


Only a 12-day trip but proabably was the best so far! It has always been a dream of mine to go to hamburg germany i love the people/culture there also how beauitful it is there.If i were to rate my hotel i would rate it five stars, it was the best service i hvae ever gotten in a hotel. Fabulous room service and not to mention the people there treated you like the president! UFF and the food there was delicous never tried food as good as the one they do here! Also i got private limo to drive me around because public transportation would be a little uncomfortable, the limo was so cool inside had comfortable seat and drinks to drink along the way! This was a once in a live time trip never going to forget this one!