Getting to Know Me

Makayla Doyle

Brief Summary

I was born in Lakeland, Florida but moved to Huntsville, Texas in about the 3rd grade. My family consists of my mom, (Joanne), my sister (Dempsey), an my two brothers, (shane, and BJ). My mom owns a bar downtown named "Smokin' Jozee's". I have one cat and her name is Gia! (but i call her kitters) I usually really dont like cats but ive come to love them. My favorite animal is a white tiger, but you can't have those as pets.. so i just stick with cats. My favorite memory is of Ashton ( my nephew, son of Dempsey) being born, that was in 2007 and he is the light of my life... most times. I really like to cheer, but my favorite thing to do is an element of cheer, and that is tumble. I really enjoy learning new skills and I hope to become really good one day. :)
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