By: Crysta Stapleton

Entreprenuership: Do you have what it takes?

Most businesses today are run by an entrepreneur. This is someone who starts a business to earn profit by taking risks. Being an innovative business owner is not only risky but requires certain skills and characteristics. There need to be new fresh ideas and improvements upon products you want to sell to bring in customers. There also has to be a drive to succeed and desire to be your own boss, along with this there must be a good initial plan to start a business with.

The start of an innovation.

Every business starts with an idea. Someone somewhere recognises that a service or product that isn't being offered can improve upon their daily life, and then set out to make it happen. This is a skill in itself and is what starts someone on the road to entrepreneurship. Rich Stachowski, is a scuba diver and also an entrepreneur. He found a way to invent a product that would allow communication underwater, he named this product the 'water talkie'. Another entrepreneur is Abbey Fleck, she innovated a specialised grill to get rid of excess grease while cooking bacon. Today it is used in many homes for even more than just bacon and has been improved upon by other people.