Careers Week 2019

Everything Careers...

Monday 4 February - Friday 8 February 2019

A week of events which will expose you to alumni, organisations and new ideas to expand your career options!


Programme of events

Day 1 - Monday 4 February

PSC Linkedin Workshop: 1400-1600
LinkedIn is an increasingly important tool to create networks that can help you in employment. Bhavya Rao from the Careers Centre will give an overview of how LinkedIn works and what makes an effective profile.
Participants are asked to bring laptops to the session to allow them to create or update their own profiles.
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The School of Art History Presents: The Art History Careers Conference: 1930-2100

Three distinguished professionals in the art world are coming to St Andrews to speak about their careers and how they got there. After each speaker has given a short talk, there will be a drinks reception where attendees will have the opportunity to ask any questions and meet the speakers.

This event is free and open to all.

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Day 2 - Tuesday 5 February

The North American Career Series: The North American Job Search 1200-1300
Calling all interested in going to North America after graduation! We're going to be talking about how to find success in your job search either back home or for a new adventure. Hear insights gained directly from American and Canadian employers about what they want to see and how you can have your best chance of getting where you want to go. If you're thinking about North America at all after St Andrews, you won't want to miss this!
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These two skills based workshops are great opportunities to build up your confidence and skills for future interviews.
They are relevant to all years, regardless of subject area!

Strength-Based Interviews: 1400-1500
Strength-based interviews are becoming increasingly popular among graduate employers. They are designed to understand both what energises and motivates you, as well as what you do well. Come along to a workshop hosted by FDM Group and gain employer insight into why we use strength-based interview questions and how you can prepare successfully.
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Video Interview Workshop: 1500-1600

Looking for a graduate job? Want a head-start in the selection process? Come along to an interactive workshop hosted by FDM Group that equips you with the skills and confidence to excel in Video Interviews. We aim to give you an insight into what a video interview entails, how you can prepare, and why they are becoming a popular recruitment tool used by many graduate employers.
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Skills for Budding Journalists Workshop: 1400-1600
Dr Kate Smith is an alumna of St Andrews, and an experienced journalist across print, online and screen. Her areas of expertise include politics, environment and social Issues. Kate has experience in all types of factual, fiction, ghostwriting, journalism, professional and report-writing commissions.
In this session Kate will share the key skills budding journalists need to have.
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Women in STEM: 1815 - 2030
We will be joined by a lineup of inspiring and exceptionally-talented women leading the sectors of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths for an evening of speeches and a panel discussion.
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Day 3 - Wednesday 6 February

Charity & Non-profit Insights: 1300-1500

Join us for our annual Charities & Non-profit Insights event! You will be hearing from a variety of not-for-profit and charities from around the UK and will have the opportunity to interact with these organisations as well. We'll start off by hearing from a couple professionals working in the field on their perspective of the industry. Then we will move into a networking time, where you can ask specific questions, learn about these organisations, and gain a few contacts along the way.

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Frontier Drop-in: 1530-1700
Working for the last 3 decades, Frontier has redefined travelling abroad. We have been a leader in volunteer work abroad, gap year programmes and environmental conservation efforts. Working all over the world in exotic locations like Costa Rica, Madagascar, Belize, Fiji, Tenerife and many others, our volunteers, interns and international staff have contributed to sustained successes and meaningful impacts on the countries we work in.
Please be aware these internships incur a cost to the volunteer.

Chatteris Educational Foundation Drop-in: 1530-1700
Chatteris Educational Foundation is a Hong Kong registered non-profit organisation established in 1990. We have grown steadily in terms of size, reach and professionalism since our founding, enabling us to strengthen our commitment to improving the English language standard of Hong Kong students. Teaching English to Hong Kong students is the main aspect of the Chatteris International Graduate Programme. If you are accepted onto the programme, you will become a Chatteris Native-speaking English Tutor (CNET) and be placed full time in a primary, secondary or post-Secondary school, delivering interactive lessons and activities to local students.

Talking about your PSC experience: 1400-1530

This workshop will help you think about how you can best use your PSC experience in job applications and interviews.

With contributions from the Careers Centre and CAPOD staff, learn how to articulate your experiences and think about ways in which you might have been able to apply your learning.

The workshop will aim to improve how you match your PSC experience to the essential and desirable competencies employers are looking for.
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HR/Consultancy insights: 1600-1730
A career in HR and related consultancy offers many rewarding possibilities for graduates. The Careers Centre is delighted to present graduates working in a range of specialisms: from equality & diversity, health promotion, wellbeing and workforce development, through onboarding, induction and reward, to talent and organisation consultancy. Learn about their roles, how they got there, frequently-used skills, and what they’d tell their student selves.
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Day 4 - Thursday 7 February

Internship Bonanza: 1200-1300

If you’re looking for work experience this summer, come along to this event to find out about three programmes co-ordinated by the Careers Centre.

You’ll get to hear from Sam Ross, Shona Mach and student speakers about the wonders of Work Shadowing, Santander- supported Internships and the St Andrews Summer Internships Scheme!
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Horizons beyond a degree in Cell Biology: 1210-1300

2009 St Andrews graduate Dr Catherine Rose will present on her career since leaving St Andrews. She will discuss the value of a PhD and outline her job in pharmaceutical research at Charles River Laboratories.

This talk will be interesting to all students from undergraduate to PhD, please come along and meet Catherine. She will be happy to speak to individuals at the end of her talk.

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Do you want to be a doctor after you graduate? 1300-1400
Find out more about the Scottish Graduate Entry Medicine programme (ScotGEM) offered at the University of St Andrews to science and arts graduates.
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Using Social Media in Your Job Search: 1300-1400
Ever wonder how Twitter can help your decide your next step? Think posting randomly on Instagram has nothing to do with your future? Time to think again. Join us to learn all about how you leverage those social media channels you use so often to help you in your job and internship search!
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Careers in the University: 1430-1700
Come along and find out about graduate employment opportunities within the university. We have a panel of recent St Andrews graduates who will be speaking briefly about their role in a university department, giving you an insight into how employment differs from being a student and some of the things from their degree they find most useful in their job.
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Internships for Change Award: 1700-1800
The Careers Centre award which can help you fund your summer internship for a Not for Profit organisation. If you find an internship, here or overseas, allowing you to offer graduate level work which will bring about positive ‘change’ either to yourself, others or the organisation, you may be eligible to apply for this award. The fund can be up to £1000 and can help fund flights, accommodation and food. Come along and hear how to apply and listen to the internship experiences of some of the 2018 recipients .
Unfortunately, this is not open to final years.
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Day 5 - Friday 8 February

Exploring the legal aspects of social media - Think before you tweet: 1200-1300
Presented by Robert Marrs, Head of Education at the Law Society of Scotland, this presentation is important for anyone who uses social media for personal or professional purposes.
We all know that a poorly judged post or message can have significant personal ramifications, but fewer young people are aware of the laws that govern social media use. Ignorance is not a defence in court, however, so this talk will explore the essentials to help you avoid ending up in the dock.

Venue: Large Rehearsal Room in the Students' Union
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Professional Headshots - need a profile picture for Linkedin

Professional Headshot - need a profile picture for Linkedin?

Lightbox with support from the Careers Centre and CAPOD are offering you the opportunity to have a headshot photograph for the subsidised price of £10, Lightbox normally charge £ 20 and an outside photographer can charge around £100.

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The Humanities Careers Fayre: 1500-1700
Following the successful Humanities Internship Fayre In Semester 1, the Schools of History and Classics are working in partnership with the School of Philosophy to hold the Humanities Careers Fayre on Friday 8th February, from 3pm to 5pm! This will be a chance for students to hear about the experiences of St. Andrews alumni in their current careers, so that they may learn how these alumni reached their professional positions, as well as what their positions entail! After all of the alumni have spoken, there will be a catered reception in which students can engage with them in a less formal setting.

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Careers Week National Insurance Number Interviews

National Insurance Interviews for students requiring a NINO number are on Friday the 8 Feb and spaces must be booked by clicking here.