Rappahannock 1 South

Welcome back!

A bit about me...

Hi all! My name is Abby Swauger and I'm a senior here at CNU. This is my second year as an RA and I'm so excited to be spending these final months in Rapp with all of you lovely people! (Our hall theme is the Lego Movie for those of you who have been wondering.) Just to share a little bit about me, I'm a Sociology major with minors in Leadership Studies and Civic Engagement & Social Entrepreneurship and hail from Fredericksburg, VA. I love drinking tea and coffee, traveling, curling up with a good book, and crafting. I'm pretty easy to spot on a nice day because, chances are, I'll be hammocking somewhere close by.

I care a lot about ending slavery and about building great relationships with people. I really WANT to get to know you if I don't already and be both a friend and resource to each of you. As we reach the end of college, I hope that you find your time on 1 South good preparation for launching out into the real world. I promise to make every effort for our interactions to look nothing like this video...

So say hi, introduce yourself, and hit me up for coffee! Here's to a great year!

All R.A. Floor

Here's what I need from you:

  • Be courteous to each other
  • You're upperclassmen, you signed a contract, make the right decision. http://cnu.edu/reslife/pdf/rhandbook.pdf
  • I will be stopping by from NOW until NEXT TUESDAY (the 2nd) to do roster verification. This means I will need to enter your rooms (the correct one assigned to you by University Housing) and you will have to be there in person to sign relevant paperwork. PLEASE don't make me hunt you down :) As an incentive, I BAKED COOKIES for you when you do your room verification!

Contact info

Call me, beep me, if ya wanna reach me!
(or email reslife@cnu.edu with questions)