Falls County

By: Afrida Rahman

Mineral Water

Falls County is known for their mineral water. People, athletes, and the sick come to Falls County to relive any illness or symptom. It all started in the 1893, when the people dug a hole 3000 feet deep, when a geyser gushed out in their path. The people didn't know the value until a sick man bathe in the water and he was cured. Doctors had said that the water would take away any toxin in the body.

Allen House

The most historical site is located on 305 Ward Street, the Historical Allen House . Last Year was its 100 birthday. This mansion is 8000 square feet and its first owner was Dr. Walter Hanz Allen and his wife Nettle Falconer Allen in 1911. Dr. Allen also built what is known as today as the Buie Clinic. The house has a Greek accent to it and has attracted many visitors. If you liked these facts about Falls County, then come and visit it here !