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December 14th - December 18th


At East Central Junior High we are committed to preparing students academically and socially to be self-sufficient, contributing members of the community with plans for a successful future.

Interdisciplinary Literacy

Literacy in Every Classroom

Literacy is not just for reading anymore.
It includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking,
and it can be integrated into any content area.

In fact, TLE #7 requires teachers to integrate literacy into other parts of the school day,
to use it as the glue that holds all learning together.

*Access the Curriculum and Instruction website here.

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Interdisciplinary Literacy - Write

Students should write something as part of every lesson. The parts of this process work together to deepen the learning that is happening. Brains work one way when they grapple with a problem and a different way as they interact with a text to find answers. Brains function differently when students collaborate and discuss ideas with each other, and there is yet another function that occurs as students distill their thinking and write an answer.

Students do not have to write an essay in order to fulfill the writing component. They just need to turn their thinking into some kind of writing--a sentence or two, a paragraph, a diagram, an illustration, a poem, some elaboration of their notes, an essay, or a story. It might be as quick as an exit ticket or as involved as a weeks-long writing assignment. It might be the stating of their own opinion or a deeply researched explanation of someone else's. The trick is that as they have to write SOMETHING, they are figuring out what they think on the topic and making a record of that.

The strategies are all listed and linked on the left side of this page.
The ones that focus best on Writing are:
F.F.W. (focused free-write)
Math Translation
Dialectical Journal
6 Cs

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Morning Duty Assignments

Foyer- Tucker/Jennifer Willis

Cafeteria - Camacho/Chavez

Gym - M. Clancy/Barrett

Snack/Machine - P. Clancy/Carter

Tonya Rhodes

  1. What is your favorite movie? Lord of the Rings! My Precious!!!
  2. What do you do to relax? Read and Color.
  3. Who inspires you? My Husband.
  4. If I could travel anywhere it would be...India
  5. My favorite music/artist is...Jazz and Funk, baby!
  6. Who would you like to interview next? Mrs. Mueller.

Week At a Glance

Saturday, Dec. 12th, 7am to Friday, Dec. 18th, 3:30pm

12121 East 21st Street

Tulsa, OK

Saturday December 12th -

  1. Lesson Plans Due

Monday December 14th -
  1. Faculty Meeting - 3:30-4:30
  2. Basketball vs. Thoreau @ Memorial HS - 5:30

Tuesday December 15th -

  1. Lang. Arts and Social Studies PLC's in Library
  2. Detention/Tutoring - 3:30-4:30

Wednesday December 16th -

  1. Reading, Science and Math PLC's in Library
  2. Basketball vs. McLain JH @ ECHS - 5:30

Thursday December 17th -

  1. Detention/Tutoring - 3:30-4:30

Friday December 18th -

  1. Last day of semester
  2. December Student of the Month announced

Upcoming Events

Jan. 4th - Beginning of second semester

Jan. 6th - First Semester Grades must be entered into PowerSchool

Jan. 12th - First Semester Report Cards mailed home.

Jean-gle Bell Week

Congratulations on making it this far into the newsletter. As a token of my appreciation to all of the hard work that everyone has put in during the first semester, the last week of school will be known as Jean-gle Bell Week and staff members will be able to wear jeans all week. Thanks so much for your hard and I hope everyone has a wonderful and well deserved break.