Gold (Au)

Matt Wolfe Block 3


Physical Properties- Shiny yellow color, Good conductor of electricity, ruby or purple when finely divided as well as its malleability and ductility.

Chemical Properties- Melting point is 1062 degrees Celsius, Atomic number is 79, Isotopes 7.

Where it is found- Gold is found all throughout the land and sea but mostly on the slopes of hills or mountains.

Uses- Gold is used in many things like jewelry, electronics, and sometimes drugs.

Common Compounds- Sulfate, phosphate

Re-activity- Gold is a soft metal and largely nonreactive


Gold is very precious. Nowadays it sells for tons per ounce of gold. It can be used in beautiful jewelry or it can be used to easily conduct electricity. I guess if you want to make drugs gold is good for that too but I do not recommend it. It is a beautiful element and today almost every electronic device uses gold to power it, examples would be ipads, laptops, tvs, and most smart phones. Today it a is a very valuable element and just the sound of the word gold is valuable to our ears. If you get as much of this element as you can you will be in good shape for the rest of your life.