Friday Focus

April 24, 2015

News and Notes

  • Thank you to those teachers who attended the All-School Parent meeting on Wednesday night. I was especially proud to see the elementary school so well represented. I'd be interested to hear your feedback about how the meeting went. I'd like those of you who were there to help us "fill the seats" the next time we have one of these meetings. If you like what you heard, tell somebody (In fact, tell 10 people!)

  • If you are considering any event for next year, please get it to your building principal before May 18. On May 19, Fr. Andrews, the principals, secretaries, Leisa Piper, Stephanie Chandler, Sheryl Cahoy, Karl Henkel, Marilyn Kathol, Phil Zimmerman, and I are going to put together our 2015-2016 Master Calendar. We want this calendar to be as complete as possible so that when we disseminate it to teachers, parents, and stakeholders, it's accurate!

  • I'd like to set up a date to walk through both of our school buildings and get your input on two things:
  1. How to get our building to look and feel more "Catholic"
  2. develop a list of maintenance issues that need to be addressed

I'd love to have at least a couple of teachers from each building go on this walk through with me. I think Thursday, May 21 would be a good day to do this. Please talk to me if you'd be interested in doing this with me. I really need your ideas.

  • Good luck to our musicians Friday as they travel across town to compete in the District Music Contest.

  • Thank you for your help with our Shadow Day and Service Day activities. Events like these are invaluable as they give our students a chance to really experience service learning and it's great for members of our community to see our teachers and students truly being "partners" with others.

  • The NNNC Summer Technology Institute will again be held on the NECC campus. This year's event will take place on May 27-28. This is a great way to learn more about technology in education without have to travel outside of Norfolk! You can register using the link below. Use "Norfolk Catholic School" as the District Name and then print out your confirmation e-mail and bring it to me. I will register us all at the same time, using Title IIA money. Don't wait too long to register! I noticed that I was Registrant #183 when I registered online Thursday morning.

Tweet(s) of the Week

If you're looking for a hashtag to follow today and Friday, look at #NETA15. This is the hashtag of the NETA conference that a number of our teachers are at. It deals with educational technology in our state, region and country.

Also, check out the link below to see a recent letter from Archdiocesan Superintendent Patrick Slattery:

Video of the Week

You've all probably seen "flash mob" videos before. The video below is of a Catholic school faculty performing during Catholic Schools Week a couple of years ago. I don't know if activities like this really enhance our Catholic identity, but the students love them. And sometimes, having our teachers break out of "the mold" once in a while is good for everyone--students, teachers, and administrators included!
St. Anne Pacelli Catholic School Faculty FLASH Mob