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Remote NWEA MAPS Assessments

Time: Students should be ready to test beginning at 8:30 AM. They will work until the daily test is complete OR 10:00 AM.

Grades K-1: 9/21, 9/22, 9/23, 9/25

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Student Login

You and your students can access Google Classroom via an iOS app "Google Classroom", OR at the link below (click the button below)


Password: Pioneer123

Note: Grades 4-8 have created their own passwords. If passwords need to be reset, please email Mrs. S at

Expectations for Online Learning

Student Expectations for Online Learning

  1. It is expected that students will complete assignments for ALL classes during this distance-learning experience in order to meet the requirement of 1080 hours of instruction.

  2. Students will be held accountable for work during this time - content addressed as part of distance-learning is applied to unit competencies upon returning to regular schedule

  3. Students are expected to log in at 8:30 AM to view assignments and complete them in a timely fashion.

  4. Students (and/or parents) should contact the teacher via email or Google Meet/Hangout with questions or concerns regarding assignments. Teachers should remain available in Meet/Hangouts throughout the school day.

  • Log in at 8:30 AM to view assignments

  • Complete assignments in a timely fashion

  • Contact teacher through Classroom, Email, Hangouts, or Meet for questions

  • Must demonstrate participation in order for online learning to count towards the 1080 hour mandate.

Teacher Expectations for Online Learning

  1. Distance-learning days COUNT towards 1080 required hours of attendance.

  2. If you teach a class of students or provide one-on-one or small group services, you will conduct distance learning to accomplish this

  3. All normal-operating instructional requirements remain

  4. Communication with students (or parents) via district email or via Google Meet/Hangout is required. Teachers must be available for students and parents during student contact time (8:30-11:30 AM & 1:00-2:00 PM).

  5. Use of Google Classroom is mandatory

Important Links

Google Classroom Tutorial for Students and Parents

COVID-19 Information

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