Chauchat M1915

A French/American gun

Chauchat research

The Chauchat M1915 was a light machine gun first used in the french army in the first World War, also known as just the FM Chauchat, For being one of the first light-automatic rifles an extension of counties used it during and after the first World War but mainly french soldiers and American Expeditionary Forces. The gun did a lot for soldiers when hiding in trenched (Foxholes) but rarely used when fighting on the battlefield mainly because of its weight and recoil. The gun to most was not the best because of the way it worked, It was the only fully-automatic gun with a long recoil. The Chauchat was a unsuccessful and at the same time successful gun because when americans used it they measured that the bullets they were supposed to use were 0.30 inch ammo so that made it successful but for french soldiers not so much, actually pretty useless to them becxause the ammo they used while using it was falsely measured. some more facts about the weapon is that a total of 262,000 were made between december and november ( 1915-1918)