Million Dollar Project

By: Kelby L.

What I did with my One Million Dollars

With my one million dollars I took 9 friends to Pittsburgh,PA to see a Pittsburgh Steelers game. After the game we are going to tour the stadium. We are going to be there for four days. And we are staying in a very nice hotel


So next is the activities. The first activity that we will be doing is going to a Pittsburgh Steelers game. I need to buy 10 tickets so we can get in to watch the game. Each ticket costs $376.00 and plus tax which is $26.32. So for the tickets it will be $4,023.20. The next activity we will be doing is taking a tour of Heinz Field. It is $7.00 for each person and there is 10 of us so it will cost $70.00 plus tax which is $0.49. So it adds up to $70.49. In all for the activities it will cost $4,098.10.

Vehicle Expenses

So now I am going to explain my vehicle expenses. First, of course we have to get to the airport so we can board our plane to get to Pittsburgh. To get from here to to the airport it would take 11 gallons to get there and 11 to get back so we need 22 gallons of gas. With each gallon costing $3.59 it would cost $78.98 just to get to the airport. So now we need plane tickets. I need to buy 20 tickets because there are 10 people going and we need to get back once we get there. So each ticket is $648.54 and like I said I need 20 of them.The tax on the tickets is $45.00 so you add. So in all the total cost of plane tickets is $13,878.76. Finally we get to how we get around Pittsburgh. I decided to rent 1 limo to get us around Pittsburgh for four days. The limo costs $3,367.00 each day. So plus tax which is $253.69, it all adds up to a total of 13,703.69. In all the total cost of the vehicle expenses is $27,661.43.


Now we need somewhere to sleep. I need 5 hotel rooms because each room holds 2 people and 5*2=10. Each room costs $695.00 each night for four nights plus tax which is $48.65. So in all for hotel rooms it would cost $3,718.25.


Now we need food. So for food I decided to give everybody $300 a day for food plus tax which is $21.00. In all food will cost $12,840.00.


So for wardrobe everybody gets one jersey and one hat. Each jersey costs $155.00 and each hat costs $27.99. I need 10 of each and plus tax which is $12.53. For wardrobe the total cost is $1,955.19.

Save and Donate

So now with the rest of the money I decided to save some and to donate most of it. So I donated $200,000 to the Ronald McDonald Association and $300,000 to the Special Olympics. And I decided to save $449,727.03.


  • Vehicle Expenses- $27,661.71
  • Activities- $4,098.10
  • Hotel- $3,718.25
  • Wardrobe- $1,955.19
  • Food- $12,840.00
  • Save- $449,727.03
  • Donate- $500,000
  • Total- $1,000,000
  • Left from $1,000,000- $0.00