By: Alyssa Kornasiewicz

Swedens features

Sweden is such a wonderful country! Some people call it "a winter wonderland" because of it's cold,cold winters. Their record low is -60 degrees! That is so freezing! Let's go learn more!


Sweden is located in Europe. It was has a population of almost 9 million! that is a very small population! about 1 million Swedish immigrants came to the US because of poverty and lack of jobs and money to find. Sweden is about the size of California.

Swedens Flag

Sweden's flag as you can see below has a yellow cross with blue all around the outsides of it.
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Light Day

Every new year, everyone in Sweden dresses up for a special day known as "Light Day". On Light Day every woman dresses up in a white robe and they walk around whit a candle in their hand. Every man puts on a white suit and they also carry a candle in their hand. They all honor the "Light Queen". The Light Queen a woman who has blonde hair and blue eyes who is dressed in a white dress with a crown of 12 candles. She represents each month and the great new year they will have.
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Light Queen on Light day.

Snow Fesival

In Kiruna, Sweden each year in the winter they hold a snow festival. on this day people in the contest do many games like reindeer races, snow ball fights, igloo building, or even who can make the best snowman!

Vasa the Swedish Warship

The Vasa warship is a special monument of Sweden. It was found about 50 years ago and Vasa was on the sea bead floor for about 300 years! It now rests in Stockholm, Sweden and is one of the most popular tourist attractions.
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Vasa Warship being viewed by tourists.


Some of Sweden's main meals is seafood. Seafood like shrimp, crab, fish, or oysters! But one of their favorite meals is the sweet, crispy pancakes with raspberry jam covered in sugar! Mmmmmm!
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Swedish pancakes.


As you can probably see, Sweden is a very cold, strange, and exciting country! I loved doing this research about Sweden and i am so glad i got to learn about all these cool things!



Mrs. West

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