Science Quiz Study Guide

4.9 - Acidification Lab

Lesson 4.9: Acid Rain and Global Warming

Gases dissolved in our Atmosphere:

Carbon Dioxide--> Create Acidic Solutions

Sulphur Dioxide--> Create Acidic Solutions

Hydrogen Chloride --> Create Acidic Solutions

Carbonic Acid--> dissolved Carbon Dioxide in water (rain)

Sulphur Dioxide--> Acid Rain

|_____> Volcanoes

|_____> Industrial Pollution

|___> Kills Forest, pollutes water, (River, Lake, Pond)

Sinkholes and Limestone Notes


- Soft, porous (holds water)

- Water soluble (Carbonic Acid)


- are common in Florida because the foundation is made up of a large amount of limestone.

- Lots of limestone underground

- Florida was covered in water in the passed (why fossils of marine life can be found in Florida's mainland.

Sulfuric Acid Notes

- Discovered in the 8th century by Alchemists - Alchemy - Leads to Chemistry


- Lead Acid Batteries (cars)

- Fertilizers

- Steel Industry- Prevents Rust Corrosion

- Dried Fruit Production - Hydrotropic

Two Gases


-Not waiting 30 seconds

-Unstopper Before inverting

-Break surface of water with the test tube

-Don't collect full test tube of gas

-Air Bubble in test tube

-Stoppers not tight enough

-Test tubes not vertical

Magnesium Carbonate + Acid

Carbon dioxide is dense (it sinks) the vertical test tube (gas can't leave) Inverted (Leaves)

Magnesium + Acid

Hydrogen (H) (rises)

Vertical: Gas escapes

Inverted: Gas can't escape

Hydrogen Notes:

gas is ignited and rushes out of the test tube. Rubs against glass and cause the noise because of the friction.

Acidification of Water

-Not enough Phenol Red

-Don't blow bubbles for long enough

-Blows into both cups in part 2

-Not the same water in both cups

Post Lab:

-Phenol Red changes color as you add Carbon Dioxide into water

-The carbon dioxide turns into carbonic acid lowering the water's PH

-Calcium carbonate is more soluble in the bubble cup (one with straw)

-Because the carbonic acid lowers the Ph and dissolves calcium faster.

Ocean Acidification

-Ocean's ph has decreased .1 (about 25 percent)

-Lower ph will cause shellfish (shrimp, crab, etc.) to not be able build up their shells