Camp Fire


malachi dulin

On June, 22, 2013 me and my three friends went to camp. me and my friend BJ, STAN, and 8 ball. We was happy to go to camp . So far the trip to Raleigh north Carolina was good. finally we made it lake norm.

Now it was time to start the hiking mission the a nice camp spot in the woods to set up.

on the way there we was seeing all type of things. First thing we saw was a flying squirrel jumping off a tree. we walked a little more to see a bear. I think we was really walking for an hour straight. But it was really worth it because we found the best spot to set up in the woods I think.

So me and my three friend talking about what happen at school the day before as we unpacking. First we put the food aside so we can set up the tint. The guys was putting up the tint all of sudden BJ spark up an big fire so we can stay warm while we sleep. Soon as we started arranging for me an a STAN to sleep in the big tint and BJ and 8 ball sleeping in the other tint.

later on around 1:00 everybody got up and sat around the fire and started talking about girls. Next thing you know BJ got up mad and grumpy because he was in the little tint and his back hurt. Awe shut up Stan said , there they went arguing back and forth.

They finally stop and the rest of the night it was awkward