Texas Statehood

By: Cate

When and How Texas Became a State

· For Texas to become a state first the U.S. congress had to pass a resolution then it could become a state, but Texas had to agree to gives it forts to the U.S. Government. Then Texas leaders had to meet on July 4, 1845 and vote on the resolution. Then in October Texas voters accepted the resolution. More than 400 were in favor of the resolution. Finally Texas became a part of the United States on December 29, 1845.


Sam Houston

Born March 2,1793 his father passed away when Sam was only 14 years old His first marriage fell apart but then married a Chorkee woman. Moved away to help the Texas.Died July 26, 1863

Anson Jones

Born 1798 don't know exact day. Served as a docter in the Texas army durring the fight for independence.Died1858 don't know exact date.


Why People Did Not Want Texas A State

Some people did not want Texas to become a part of the United States because they wanted to become a powerful country like the United States.

Also some U.S. leaders did not want Texas to become a state because the U.S. did not want slaves.

How Many Want For Texas to Become State and How Many Didn't

4,000 peole for voted for Texas to become a state and 200 pople voted for Texas not to become a state and become their own country.


What I Learned

I learned that even thought Sam was only the president for a short time he stilled played a big role in Texas evn when he was not president.

He stilled acted like the president and was a great leader.

What I Hoped You Learned

I hope you learned about how Texas became apart of the United States and what was the steps of becoming your own state. I hope you also learned about leadership.