Come down to Sunnyside Florida

By LexY H.-J., Megan B., Isabella P.and Luc V.

About our Town

In Sunnyside we have a wide variety of restaurants that are family owned. Also grocery stores and their is a Seaside very own Farmer's market. It is a very safe community, with a police station and fire station that is in the south west of our town. Also you need to buy tickets for the Sharks next game, Go Sharks!! So we have a lot of entertainment, like a movie theater. Better yet all the structures and inspired by the GREEKS and ROMANS.

Some of our awesome things in our community!!

We are near Palm Beach Garden!

Great location with everything you need to live is in our community. Sunnnyside has it all, with beaches, and family owned businesses.

Our fun things to do!

In our community we have many things to do. From snorkeling to watching a crazy movie. We have almost everything in Sunnyside. Also there is many shops were you can do your shopping for clothing and groceries.

Influence of Greeks and Romans

The buildings in Sunnyside are all inspired by the Greeks and Romans. We have houses inspired by Greek architecture. Our schools Our also inspired by the Greeks. Inspired by the Romans is our roads, stadium, and our shops. We also have a play area similarly shaped to the Colosseum.
Oia, Greece
[HD] Beautiful, clear water and white sandy beach off 30A in Walton County, Florida