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Thank you for requesting information from Thirty-One Gifts! My name is Jennifer Westerhoff and I am a consultant an Independent Senior Executive Director with Thirty-One and am here to help you. Thirty-One has THREE great offers on how you can enjoy our fabulous products. Call me or text me or reply to this email! I cannot wait to help you!

Let me know if you'd like to get the current catalog by mail! If you've placed an order or not, I would love if you'd fill out a Catalog Request Survey by clicking the survey below and help me get to know how I can best SERVE YOU! You can also just call me or text me at 303-552-6586!

Whether you are wanting to be a customer, hostess, or consultant, this video shows the heart of who we are!

A mission that continues to change lives

Are you wanting to place an order?

There are a couple of easy ways that you can place an order. You can go to my website, or if you would like a more personal experience you are free to call me and I can help you pick out the perfect product for any occasion! Please be sure to check my website for the monthly special or e-mail or call me to find out what it is!
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In my VIP Group, called Jennifer Westerhoff's ALL STAR Customers & Hostesses, I share news, specials! I also have sales, giveaways, and contests! It's super fun! I hope you will join me on my group!

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Are you wanting to host a party?

I do home parties, catalog parties, Facebook parties, and fundraisers! If you are looking to earn free, discounted and exclusive products by hosting, I am your girl! I love to help people get spoiled with Thirty-One!

Here are the benefits of hosting! Check them out at:

Are you wanting to start your OWN Thirty-One Gifts business for only $99?

I can help! I have helped thousands of women with their own Thirty-One business, and I would LOVE to help you, too! I can share with you the ins and outs of having your own Thirty-One business and how best to get started. Let's chat before you enroll so we can make a great plan for your success! Good news is that YOU define what success means to YOU and then I help you get there! Below is a link to the opportunity area on my website. A lot of your questions are probably answered there, but I can answer ANYTHING else you might want to know! The picture below shows our two enrollment kits. Both are $99 and come with everything you need, including catalogs & order forms, for you to start your business right away!

You will be directed to my website where you can join and/or get more information about being a Thirty-One Consultant! It is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life! I hope if you join, you feel the same way!

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How to reach me!

Feel free to contact me via any of these methods. The phone is a cell phone and you can contact me via text 9am - 9pm.

I look forward to helping you in any way that I am able!