Chicken Updates

Remind Text Group

Text @ffapoultry to 81010


This week the following students have cleaning duty:

12/12 - Stanley & Reese


-Sweep entire barn, put trash in dumpster

-Remove shavings & other debris from the sink

-Place all brooms/shovels in corner of barn

-Remove all wheel barrows from poultry barn


Your chickens should NEVER go without feed and water. If you ever find that your chickens are totally out of feed & water, increase the amount of feeders and waterers you currently have.


You should be feeding a 1:3 chicken to turkey ratio starting this week. You should also be topping your feed with high octane and power fuel.

You can start mixing in your fat items: bacon grease, coconut oil, or buttermilk. It should be a "mushy" consistency". This will require you to check the feed more often because the birds tend to not be attracted to hard, old feed. You may want to top with Gro-Gel or mealworms to help make them want to eat it.


You should begin culling some birds this week. You will need to have less than 20 birds left by next Monday. (The lightest weighing birds should be culled.) We should have a cull pen created within the next couple of days. Please note: you will still be responsible for feeding & watering these chicks.

***If you wish to find another home or dispose of the birds in another way, feel free. The less birds you have to feed, the better your other birds will grow.

Pen Space & Shavings

Your birds should be using the entire pen space.

Chickens should always have clean, fresh bedding. (This will keep your birds cleaner & prevent smell.)


Do not put shavings or feed in the sink!

After the Project

We will be taking our birds to be processed on Sunday, January 10th. The plan is to leave around noon, this will take 4-5 hours. If you plan to have your birds processed, you must travel and help. The cost will be $1.25 per bird.

All birds must be out of the barn by 11:59 PM on Sunday, January 10th.

Friends & Family Membership

This is the group that will purchase your chickens at the county show if you qualify for the sale AND have satisfactorily completed all requirements.

Future Meetings:

Clark High School - Room 100W - 7:00 PM

Dec. 17

Jan. 21

Feb. 25

Mar. 31

Collin County Show

Wednesday, January 6th - Students will miss school, parents encouraged to attend

11:00 AM - Dismissed from school

2:00 PM - Arrive at show

3:00 PM - Show begins

Meyer's Park - McKinney

*I will assign 2 students to assist with showing your chickens.

Saturday, January 9th

12:00 PM - Auctions begins